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Frozen Potato Products

Tummy international is the supplier of frozen potato products. Forthwind is experienced in wholesale of frozen French fries and potato specialties. Our portfolio includes varies type of French fries and potato specialties.

Wholesale frozen pre-fried French fries and potato specialties needed for your business? Please contact us with your requirements to receive a quote.

Frozen French Fries & Potato Specialties Product List

French Fries

  1. French fries 14x14mm
  2. Shoestring fries
  3. Steakhouse fries 9x18mm
  4. Straight cut fries 7x7mm | 9x9mm | 12x12mm
  5. Crinkle cut fries

Potato Specialities

  1. Potato wedges (skin on/skinless) natural or flavoured
  2. Potato slices
  3. Potato noisettes
  4. Potato croquettes
  5. Potato bravas
  6. Pommes Duchesses
  7. Diced Potatoes
  8. Onion rings